In 2006, I was working as a home-health aide when an elderly lady lost her yard doll and I was asked to replace it. It was my return to crochet as I had learned the art in high school.. First I made a few bags.. Later I made a few caps. I shared my work with family and friends and they asked me for more. Soon, I learned how to create my own designs. Eventually I found my passion in sweaters, scarfs and later into summer clothing and accessories. Shortly thereafter, I sold a few pieces and the demand grew. I set up shop at craft fairs and the results were huge. Most of all, I enjoy designing and delighting people with original work.

My passion is Hand-crafted, One-of-a-kind clothing and accessories designed from my own crochet patterns. Pick your style and Pick your color from my array of all-season tops, sweaters, scarves, hats, bags and more.

Visit my facebook page to find my retail store. I pop-up at various locations in various times and cities. Take a video tour of my retail store. Add a comment and I’ll follow-up with you about precise orders and finish times.